Fractures of the forearm, elbow and clavicle

Radius and ulna mid-shaft fractures, Elbow fractures (olecranon, radial head), Collar bone fractures (clavicle)

I’ve fractured my arm, elbow or collar bone. What should I do?
The first step is an examination followed by an x-ray. You may have had an x-ray already so bring this with you if possible to your appointment at the private hand surgery. We can discuss next steps.

Will I need surgery?
This will depend of the position of the bones. If everything is well aligned, it might be possible to treat the injury without surgery. This might mean a plaster, splint or even just a sling. If the fragments have moved into a poor position, surgery might be needed.

If I do need surgery, does it have to be done immediately?
No, most surgery can be safely done any time in the first 2 weeks following the fracture while still achieving an excellent result.