Sports injuries

A list of common sports injuries

Ramon has a special interest in the treatment of sports injuries. Below is a list of just a few common, sport specific injuries that he treats at the private hand surgery clinic in london.

  • Skiing – Skiers thumb & Wrist Fractures
  • Climbing – Finger pulley injuries, TFCC problems
  • Tennis – ECU tendon injury, Tennis elbow
  • Boxing – Boxer’s knuckle & metacarpal fractures
  • Rugby – Jersey finger and FDP tendon injuries
  • Weight training – TFCC injury
  • Pilates & Yoga – Wrist impingement
  • Mallet injuries and fractures

“Having had the experience of the operation and the incredibly rapid recovery, I am delighted with the outcome. I couldn’t have hoped for a better surgeon than Ramon, who inspired what proved to be very well-placed confidence from the very start of the process.”

AH, Wrist fracture following skiing injury