Sports Injuries


Sports injuries are among some of the most common reasons why patients require hand, wrist, elbow or forearm treatment and specialist advice. At our private hand clinic in London we are visited by patients who engage in a wide variety of sports and activities. There are many types of sporting injuries in both their location and how they occurred; whether it be repetitive strain, recurring problems or accidents we treat a full range of sporting injuries.

We understand that for many your sporting habits can mean a great deal to you, whether it be a release from stress, competitive aspirations or your favourite way to keep healthy, we want to get you healed and able to take part again as quickly as possible

The private hand surgeon, Ramon Tahmassebi is renowned for his expertise in treating and offering expert advice for injuries and treatment of sporting injuries. His clients find him to be tentative and very supportive throughout the process. The holistic environment that we have cultivated at the private hand clinic ensures our patients are thoroughly supported and are never left in the dark about any of the fine details of their treatment. All our treatments are carried out by experts who want nothing more than to remedy the issue with lasting effects and ensure our patients speedy recovery. See a full list of treatment types and areas on our conditions treated page.

Ramon has a specialist interest in the treatment of sports injuries. Below is a list of just a few of the more common, sports injuries and the related sports that he has treated in the past at the private hand surgery clinic in london.

  • Skiing – Skiers thumb & Wrist Fractures
  • Climbing – Finger pulley injuries, TFCC problems
  • Tennis – ECU tendon injury, Tennis elbow
  • Boxing – Boxer’s knuckle & metacarpal fractures
  • Rugby – Jersey finger and FDP tendon injuries
  • Weight training – TFCC injury
  • Pilates & Yoga – Wrist impingement
  • Mallet injuries and fractures

These are just a few common examples of sports and injuries, however if you are unsure or don’t see the injury you think you may have, don’t worry. Get in touch with the private hand clinic and we will be happy to offer bespoke advice. Once you are comfortable with the process we will then progress to an x-ray or treatment, making sure that you are happy and understand the development every step of the way.