Arthritis of the hand and wrist

Rheumatoid arthritis

Can rheumatoid arthritis be treated with surgery?
Yes, sometimes. This is primarily treated by rheumatologists, but surgery can be helpful when:

  • Pain or function are severe
  • Joints have dislocated, worn out or remain inflamed despite maximum treatment with medicines
  • Tendons are badly inflamed or have ruptured

What should I do next?
Book an appointment at the private hand surgery in order to have a discussion. Decision making and timing of surgery are crucial. The aim as always is to make a bespoke treatment plan for you.



I think I have osteoarthritis in my hand, what should I do?
There are many treatments available, but the most important thing is careful assessment followed by an, individual tailor-made plan

What can be done?
Options include specialist physiotherapy, custom made splints and supports or even injections. If these aren’t successful there is a wide range of surgical options that can help you get out of pain and back the things you want to do.