What is Keyhole wrist surgery?

Keyhole wrist surgery (also known as arthroscopy) is a procedure that involves placing a 2.4 millimeter camera and other equally small instruments into the wrist through very small incisions. This process allows an orthopedic consultant to see the two main joints in the patient’s wrist and pinpoint the cause of pain or discomfort. Furthermore Keyhole Surgery can provide vital information about bone fragmentation, placement and damage that can then be treated accordingly by an orthopedic specialist.

Why should I have Keyhole surgery?

Keyhole surgery is used to identify wrist fractures and other problems quickly and enable specialists to see the extent of the damage in more depth than an x-ray. By attaining this information, the doctor has additional clarity and valuable insights into the position, fragmentation and level of damage of the injury and can advise the patient accordingly.

Certain conditions are more likely to be treated using keyhole techniques than others, these are a few of the most common;

  • Wrist fractures
  • Inflammation (arthritic or otherwise)
  • Chronic wrist pain
  • Ligament damage

Ramon has a great deal of experience using keyhole techniques and surgery and prides himself on his knowledge and expertise of the procedure. If you think you may need keyhole wrist surgery or would like to discuss the process, then please give us a call at the Hand Specialist London.