What is Trigger Finger or Trigger Thumb?

Despite common misconception Trigger finger/ thumb is indeed a real and serious condition and not just an outdated term for a gung-ho attitude. Trigger finger or trigger thumb is caused by inflamed tendons catching or ‘triggering’ as they pass underneath pulleys in the hand. It’s a painful condition characterized by a clicking sensation and stiffness when that digit is moved.

I think I have trigger finger, what should I do?

The first step is to get in touch with the Hand Clinic London to book an examination. Following your examination, we will be able to confirm your diagnosis. At this point our orthopaedic specialist will explain the next steps and appropriate action based on the severity of your injury. At our specialist orthopaedic clinic in London we pride ourselves on the expertise of our team but also in the ongoing support and guidance we offer to all of our patients.

How is it treated?

Specialist physiotherapy is often the best method of treatment for Trigger Finger, alternatively custom made supports can be useful. In some cases, we will recommend injections, which are a particularly effective for this type of injury. In the most severe cases surgery may be the best treatment method for those with recurrent problems and a high success rate.

What happens if I leave it?

Left untreated Trigger Finger or Trigger Thumb can be more serious that many people realise. If the nerve sheath becomes too inflamed, then patients may find that movement in the effected digit becomes very difficult or in some severe cases stops all together.

If you have any doubts surrounding a diagnosis or think you may require treatment for Trigger Finger, get in touch with our specialist orthopaedic clinic today.