At the Hand Specialist in London we are experts in treating wrist fractures and other injuries. Wrist injuries are surprisingly common as this area is a pivotal connection point between your hand and arm that is often put under pressure. As such injuries to the wrist or even restricted movement can have a detrimental effect. It is for this reason, we started the Hand Specialist London, a dedicated centre that focuses on injuries of the hand, wrist, arm and clavicle.

Our specialist orthopedic clinic is based in central London making it easily accessible to anyone living in and around the capital. We are proud to offer an unrivalled level of care and support for our patients, explaining all the treatment and examinations in a clear and supportive manner. Our number one priority is to provide the best possible guidance and treatment in order to help our patients return to normality as quickly as possible, we do not take this for granted!

Ramon Tahmassebi (The Hand Specialist) is our expert orthopaedic consultant with decades of training and qualifications. Ramon has received training at some of the most highly esteemed hospitals in the UK. He is also a lecturer and lead clinician for orthopedic surgery at King’s College Hospital. Ramon has a wealth of experience working on a wide variety of injuries and conditions, vastly improving his patient’s lives. His professional practices are revered but what sets him apart is his level of care and attentiveness, Ramon’s philosophy of ongoing support is unique. Ramon is not only admired by his patients but also by numerous professional bodies. If you visit the Hand Specialist London for treatment you can be sure that you will be receiving the best care from one of the top orthopaedic surgeons in the country.

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